Author = Hosseini-Zavvarmahalleh, Sayed Reza
Palladium/Copper-Graphene Nanohybrid as an Effective Electro-Catalyst for Hydrazine Oxidation

Volume 41, Issue 2, June 2022, Pages 97-112

Maryam Dordi-mohammadi; Sayed Reza Hosseini-Zavvarmahalleh; Shahram Ghasemi-mir

Silver Nanoparticles/Bacterial Cellulose Nanofiber Optical Sensor for Determination of 2-Mercaptobenzoxazole

Volume 41, Issue 1, March 2022, Pages 259-274

Razieh Yousefi Taloukolaee; Shahram Ghasemi; Sayed Reza Hosseini-Zavvarmahalleh

An Amperometric Sensor Based on Bimetallic Pt- Pd Nanoparticles Supported on Graphene Nanosheets

Volume 39, Issue 2, June 2020, Pages 119-132

Shahram Ghasemi Mir; Sayed Reza Hosseini Zavvarmahalleh; Faeze Hasanpoor; Shima Nabipour

Preparation of Cobalt Oxide Nanofibers by Electrospinning and Their Application for Electro-Catalysis of Ethylene Glycol Oxidation

Volume 38, Issue 3, October 2019, Pages 11-21

Sayed Reza Hosseini-Zavvarmahalleh; Shahram Ghasemi-mir; Shiva Poursadegh-limuee

A Comparative Investigation of Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Some Important Alcohols onto the Surface of Carbon Paste Electrode Modified by Electro-Spun Nickel Oxide Nanofibers

Volume 37, Issue 4, December 2018, Pages 109-120

Sayed Reza Hosseini-Zavvarmahalleh; Shahram Ghasemi-Mir; Shiva Poursadegh-Limuee