Keywords = Carbon nanotubes
Preparation of Polyvinyl Chloride-Polyaniline-single walled Carbon Nanotube nanocomposite with improved mechanical properties by response surface method

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 22 December 2021

maryam Farbodi; selda khayaty

The effect of microwave irradiation's power on in-situ polymerization of carbon nanotube/polystyrene nanocomposite and investigating the electrical conductivity

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 17 January 2022

Shohreh Jalali; Majid Baniadam; Morteza Maghrebi Maghrebi

Determination of the Preferred CarbonNanostructure for the Synthesis of Silica Nanohybrid for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Volume 40, Issue 4, December 2021, Pages 215-223

Mahshad Alaei; Mahsan AfzaliTabar; Alimorad Rashidi

Study of Structural, Surface and Magnetic Properties of Carbon Nanotubes / Iron Oxides Nanocomposites

Volume 37, Issue 3, October 2018, Pages 13-26

Maliheh Pashai Gatabi; Hossain Milani Moghaddam; Mohsen Ghorbani

Synthesis and Investigation of Carbon and Silica Nanostructures Operation in Improvement of Drilling Fluids Lubricity and Extreme Pressure Properties

Volume 36, Issue 4, December 2017, Pages 161-170

Mahshad Alaie; Mohammad Soleimani; Saeideh Raeiat Dost; Fatemeh Kian; Alimorad Rashidi