Keywords = Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Diffusion of Hydrogen and Oxygen in Polystyrene

Volume 40, Issue 3, September 2021, Pages 165-173

Farkhondeh Mozaffari

Investigation of the Physical and Thermodynamic Properties of Polymer Lactic Acid (PLA) Biodegradable Polymer

Volume 39, Issue 4, December 2020, Pages 261-273

Homa Iesavand; Mahmoud Rahmati; Dariush Afzali,; Sina Modiri

Study of Asphaltene Molecular Structure Effect on Aggregation and Properties of Oil/Water Interface by Molecular Dynamic

Volume 39, Issue 1, March 2020, Pages 91-108

Sobhan Biglari Far; Amir Hossein Saeedi Dehaghani; Riyaz Kharrat

Ag-Nanowire Diffusion into the Carbon Nanotube: an Efficient Method for Anti-Cancer Drug Release

Volume 36, Issue 4, December 2017, Pages 189-199

Hamed Akbarzadeh; Esmat Mehrjouei; Mohsen Abbaspour; Sirous Mohsen; Salemi

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Oxygen and Nitrogen Mixture on Carbon Nanocone and Nanotube

Volume 36, Issue 3, October 2017, Pages 133-141

Roya Majidi; Khadijeh Mansouri