Investigation and Comparison of Modified Catalyst Supported Zeolite ZSM-5 in Dry Reforming of Methane

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Chemical Engineering, Razi University, Kermanshah, I.R. IRAN


In this study, using water solvent, promoted  Nano-catalyst containing 3,5 and 7% Wt. Ni prepared by wet impregnation and are provided for  dry reforming of methane. Dealumination and desilication are performed by nitric acid and NaOH respectively. Dealumination process supported zeolite leads to increase of Si/Al ratio and desilication process leads to decrease the ratio.In dealumination process, the more concentrated acid for washing zeolite and lesser temperature
of dealumination leads to more production of methane and CO2 as well as higher H2/CO ratio. However, the desilication process degrades activity and reduces percentage of methane and CO2 conversions. The sample 5% Wt. Ni  prepared by more acid concentration and lower temperature of dealumination supported zeolite  had the most activity and stability in comparison to unmodified catalyst and desilication supported zeolite.


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