The Investigation of Influence of Mineral Fillers on Mechanical and Viscosity of Modified Sulfur

Document Type : Research Article


Iranian Institute of Research and Development in Chemical Industries (IRDCI)-ACECR, Karaj, I.R. IRAN


The use of sulfur widely recommended in the construction industry due to its low price and having specific characteristics such as adhesion and anti-corrosion properties. However, medication of chemical and mechanical characteristics of sulfur by reaction with modifiers and mixing with mineral powders is necessary. In this research, modified sulfur was prepared by reaction of molten sulfur with olefinic additive. Then it was mixed with various amounts of silica, mica and talc fillers to make composite samples. These samples were then tested for tensile, flexural and compressive strength. The test results show that the maximum flexural and compressive strength of the composite samples obtained with 10% talc and highest tensile strength obtained with samples containing 12% mica. Furthermore, addition of silica powder caused a significant increase in the viscosity of the modified sulfur.


Main Subjects

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