Effect of pH Parameter on the Synthesis of CoMo/γ- Alumina Catalyst Prepared from Extruded Boehmite Based γ-Alumina by Using Precipitation

Document Type : Research Article


Engineering Center and Manufacturing of Solid Adsorbents and Catalysts, Iranian Institute of Research and Development in Chemical Industries (IRDCI)-ACECR, Karaj, I.R. IRAN


In this study alumina powder was synthesized by precipitation method. Boehmite gel was produced by hydrolysis of aluminium nitrate at pH rang of 8-9 and temperature of 90°C. The obtained gel was dried at 110°C and extruded subsequently. Extrudes were dried and calcined at 600°C. The final product has a surface area of > 200 m2/g and mean pore diameter of 6.6-11.63 nm. The γ- alumina extrudates were then wet impregnated with molybdenium and cobalt salts, respectively. To produce γ-alumina supported CoMo catalyst (CoMo/γ-alumina). The amount of impregnated metal was measured by XRF technique. TPR analysis was performed to determine the reduction power.


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