Selection of Flotation reagents for Separation of Pyrolusite from Calcite

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Mining and Metallurgical Eng., Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, I.R. IRAN


The flotation behavior of pyrolusite and calcite was investigated using oleic acid as an anionic collector and dodecylamine as a cationic collector. The results showed that using oleic acid the maximum flotation recovery of pyrolusite occurs at pH=9 due to the chemisorptions of oleate ions, while in the cationic flotation the physisorption of dodecylamine results in a maxima at pH=8. It was found that in the anionic flotation, copper sulfate (CuSO4.5H2O) acts as pyrolusite activator and calcite depressant agent. The best results were obtained using 1000 g/t copper sulfate in the presence of 10-4 M oleic acid at pH=8. At these conditions the flotation recovery of pyrolusite and calcite are 83.6% and 38%, respectively. In the cationic flotation, sodium carbonate and calcium chloride depress the calcite flotation significantly. Using 10-4 M sodium carbonate without a significant decrease in pyrolusite floatability the calcite flotation recovery reduces to 13.7 % at a pH of 7.5. At this pH, the use of 5×10-4 M calcium chloride with a slight decrease in pyrolusite floatability decreases the calcite flotation recovery from 57.2% to 10.8%. Thus, the cationic flotation using sodium carbonate as a depressant agent for calcite is suggested for separation of pyrolusite from calcite.


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