Performance Evaluation of the Hybrid System of Domestic Solar Water Heater /Desalination System

Document Type : Research Article


Iranian Research and Development Center for Chemical Industries (IRDCI)-ACECR, Karaj, I.R. IRAN


The use of desalination is one of the ways to deal with the water crisis. Humidification-Dehumidification ( HD) of air process is one of the small scale desalination method witch is in the special attention nowadays. In this paper a new design for hybrid domestic solar water heater/ desalination unit is presented. That designed to supply drinking water and hot water for a domestic user in remote and desert areas. After reviewing various combinations of these two devices and choosing the best option, the hybrid system was constructed in Iranian Research and Development Center for Chemical Industries (IRDCI). The necessary tests were carried out and various parameters which are affecting the performance of unit such as water flow rate of the condenser, water temperature interval and solar radiation were tested. By using four solar collector with 8 m2 surface area, this device be able to produce about 20 liters of fresh water and at least 250 liters of hot water. Since output of the brackish water is used as hot water, it reduces the waste water in desalination unit that may be result in zero discharge of waste water in some days. So in addition to providing heating by the use of solar energy, water saving will be accessible for the consumer.


Main Subjects

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