Phase Equilibrium of Ternary System Carbon Dioxide+ Toluene + Naphthalene on GAS Process

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Chemical Engineering, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, I.R. IRAN


In the present research, the equilibrium data of ternary systems, carbon dioxide- toluene- naphthalene is determined by using a high-pressure apparatus. Mentioned data is measured between 298.15 K and 308.15 K and pressure at 9.6 to 75.6 bar. In each experiment, equilibrium solubilities of naphthalene in toluene decrease by increasing the pressure due to adding the carbon dioxide as the anti-solvent. Also, the obtained experimental data have correlated by the Soave-Redlich-Kwong equation of states along with Van der Waals 1 and 2 mixing rules.The adjustable parameters of mentioned models are obtained using the experimental data and reported along with average absolute relative deviation of each model. The results show that SRK equation of state with vdW2 mixing rule (AARD = 11.75 %) has less deviation than SRK-vdW1 (AARD =14.41 %) and optimum operational condition for production of fine particles (over than 90%) in the GAS process has been suggested.


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