Vanadium Extraction from Yazd Saghand Ore by Roasting and Acid Leaching Process

Document Type : Research Note


Department of Chemical Engineering, Babol University of Technology, PO Box 484 Babol, I.R. IRAN


Vanadium is a metal which is used in ferrous and nonferrous alloys due to its physical properties such as tensile strength and hardness. In this study, the combined salt roasting and acid leaching processes was used for the extraction of vanadium from the Saghand iron ore. Firstly, the ore and sodium carbonate were mixed and placed in a high temperature furnace during the roasting process, and then the leaching operation was carried out by sulfuric acid. Factors affecting the processes such as temperature and time of roasting procces, acid concentration, leaching temperature, time and liquid to solid ratio were studied and their optimum values were obtained. According to the results, under roasting salt with 50 wt.%, temperature of 1000 °C, and a time of 1 h and for conditions of acid leaching with a concentration of 15%(v/v) sulfuric acid, temperature of 90 °C, the time of 4 h, and the ratio of liquid to solid of 15 mL/g, leaching efficiency of vanadium was approximately 80%.


Main Subjects

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