An investigation of structural ,electronic and pressure characteristics physical properties of Gallium Phosphide in different phases

Document Type : Research Article


1 Department of Physics, Faculty of Science,ShahidChamran University,of Ahvaz,Ahvaz,Iran

2 Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, ShahidChamran University of Ahvaz,Ahvaz,Iran


In this paper, the structural, electronic and pressure characteristics of GaP composition in different phases have been investigated. The calculations are performed using the pseudopotential method, in the framework of density functional theory, and PWscf code. The pseudopotentials applied here are generated using norm-conserving condition within LDA and GGA for exchange correlation functional. The results of the compressibility indicate that as the pressure increased from Zincblend to Cmcm phase the hardness of compound is increased. Investigation of Energy –Volume curves shows that the cinnabar phase is metastable. The study of the band structures suggests that this compound is a semiconductor in Zincblend and Cinnabar phase and is a metal in Cmcm phase. The electron density also indicates the covalent bond between the Ga and P atoms


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