Synthesis, Characterization, Structural Study, Hirshfeld Surface Analysis and Antibacterial Activity of a New Dithiophosphorus Compound with a P(S)(S)(N)(C) Skeleton

Document Type : Research Article


Islamic Azad University


In the present study, the new compound from Dithiophosphorus with the formula [(S–) (S)P(OC6H4-p-CH3) (NHCH2CH2NH(Me)2) +] was prepared and determined by IR spectroscopy, 1H, 13C NMR, 31P NMR, elemental analysis and single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. Structural analysis revealed that the compound was crystallized in monoclinic crystal system with P21/c space group. The crystal structure of the compound showed that asymmetric unit contains two molecules and the phosphorus atom displayed P(S)(S)(N)(C) a distorted tetrahedral environment. In the crystal structure N-H…S=P H-bonding produced a one dimensional molecular structure along the b axis. This pattern contains R_2^2 (7) and R_2^2 (8) motifs. Hirshfeld surfaces and two-dimensional fingerprint plots are generated using the Crystal Explorer software program in which the CIF input file is used. These analyses revealed that H…H interactions had 51.1 % and 50.9 % portions of total interactions for the two molecules. Antibacterial properties of the new compound were additionally tested against E. coli, P. aeruginosa, S. aureus and B. cereus.


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