Eco-Technical Evaluation and Optimum Operating Condition of Two Commercial Nanofiltration Membrane in Nitrate Rejection of under Groundwater

Document Type : Research Article


Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, I.R. IRAN


Preparation of a modified process specification is a key factor to reduce the process costs, especially in membrane water purification processes. The feed pressure is one of the most important operating parameters in this case. The aim of the present study is to investigate nitrate removal from underground water using nanofiltration (NF) membranes. In this regard, the optimum operating parameters of two FilmTech made commercial nanofiltration membranes, NF90 and NF270 have been defined. Verberne's economical model has been used to find the optimum operating parameters. The obtained results revealed higher nitrate rejection (about more than 30%) of NF90 in comparison to NF270, while its water flow rate was about half of NF270. The obtained optimum feed pressure for NF90 and NF27 were 8 and 6 bar respectively. In optimum operating conditions, the water purification cost was obtained 0.144 USD and 0.12 USD for NF90 and NF270 respectively.


Main Subjects

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