Synthesis and Characterization of BaFe12O19 Nanocomposites by New Reductants and Considering Magnetic and Photocatalytic Properties

Document Type : Research Article


1 Department of Chemistry, Kosar University of Bojnord, Bojnord, I.R. IRAN

2 Institute of Nano Science and Nano Technology, University of Kashan, Kashan, I.R. IRAN


In this work, BaFe12O19/Fe2O3 and BaFe12O19/chitosan nanocomposites were successfully synthesized by sol-gel auto-combustion route by using metal nitrate salts. Cherry and onion were used as reductants, in this synthesis. It is the first time that cherry and onion are used in the synthesis of barium hexaferrites. The photocatalytic and magnetic properties of the nanocomposites were investigated. The photocatalytic activity of the synthesized nanocomposites was investigated using the degradation of methyl orange under both ultraviolet and visible light irradiations. The results showed higher photocatalytic activity under ultraviolet irradiation. VSM results showed a hysteresis loop that show ferromagnetic behavior for the synthesized BaFe12O19 nanocomposites.


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