Influence of voltage and distance on the morphology of PCL/KIT6 electrospun composite scaffolds

Document Type : Research Article


1 islamic azad university science and research branch

2 عضو هیئت علمی

3 Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute

4 National Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology


One of the significant challenges in synthesis of electrospun scaffolds is the fabrication of highly porous scaffolds free from defects and beads,with uniform fibers. In this study, effects of applied voltage and distance on morphologies of electrospun pcl-KIT-6 composite scaffolds were investigated.Fibre morphology was observed under a scanning electron microscopy. The effects of operating parameters including applied voltage, and tip-target distance on the morphology of electrospun pcl-KIT-6 composite scaffolds were systematically evaluated. Results showed that The morphological structure can be changed by changing the applied voltage and distance.when the voltage was increased from 15to 18 kv , , nanofibres with beades were observed. . Furthermore, increasing distance from 15 to 20cm had a positive effect on the scaffolds' morphology and decreased the defects such as beads in the structure. Hence the optimum conditions for electrospinning the PCL/KIT-6 composite scaffolds were determined for voltage and distance in 15kv and 20cm.


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