Study of the Effect of Magnetized Water-Based Polymer Solutions on the Effective Parameters in Enhanced Oil Recovery

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Petroleum Engineering, Hakim Sabzevari University, Sabzevar, I.R. IRAN


Keeping constant and reasonable production from oil reservoirs which are in the second half of their life has pushed scientists to consider enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods and novel methods in this field are presented. Magnetized water flooding as a green and compatible method with the environment is one of the novel methods besides polymer flooding which has been applied many years ago. The main purpose of this paper is to combine the two mentioned methods to increase the efficiency of flooding operations. Therefore, magnetized water is utilized as a solvent for polymer powder, then surface phenomena including interfacial tension and contact angle were studied. Somehow the effects of four factors including; magnetization time, magnetic field intensity, time after magnetization, and polymer concentration on mentioned surface phenomena were evaluated. The results showed that all of the aforementioned factors except magnetization time have a great impact on interfacial tension and just magnetic field intensity has a significant effect on contact angle. These results prove that flooding of magnetized water-based polymer solution has a great impact not only on macroscopic efficiency but also on microscopic efficiency and can improve the efficiency of polymer flooding.


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