Experimental Investigation of Coating Process of Sodium Percarbonate Powder by Sodium Silicate in Fluidized Bed

Document Type : Research Article


1 Chemical Engineering Department, Tehran South Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, I.R. IRAN

2 Metallic Material Processing Research Group, Tehran University Branch, Iranian Academic Center for Education Culture and Research (ACECR), Tehran, I.R. IRAN


In this paper, particles coating system in fluid bed have been studied. This system includes two process of coating and drying in the bed and used for coating of sodium per carbonate particles by liquid sodium silicate. This is a top spray coating system and batch type. Response Surface Method (RSM) was applied for experiment design by means of Minitab software, version 15. The fluidization hydrodynamics of particles and air flow was studied. The optimum operating conditions was determined. The effect of particles fluidization height, air and liquid flow rates on coating efficiency was investigated. The experimental results showed that, the mass of particles coating, was proportional to the liquid value and indirectly to the air flow rates. Experimental correlation of coating mass is proportional with fluidized air and liquid flow rates and atomization air flow. Also RSM tables and contours for process optimization, for investigation of system performance were derived. The result of fluidized height of particles based on time and coating mass with different air and liquid flow rates for the best case of particles coating was calculated and investigated and optimized coating information was obtained.


Main Subjects

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