Fault detection and diagnosis in distillation tower based on Tennessee Eastman model using T2 Hotelling

Document Type : Research Article


1 School of Chemical Engineering, Process Department, University Of Tehran

2 School of Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Tehran

3 School of Engineering, Science College of Engineering, University of Tehran


Distillation tower control is one of the main concerns in the design of chemical processes due to the high importance of this unit. For a variety of operational reasons, faults may occur in distillation towers that seriously impair process performance or lead to accidents. In this research, an attempt has been made to identify possible faults in the operation of the tower related to this process by one of the valid models available for the Tennessee Eastman stripper distillation tower in the MATLAB software package. The type of faults can be identified for this problem. The proposed method can detect possible faults in the model with high accuracy and in a short time (maximum 0.1 hour).


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