Electrochemical synthesis and investigation of iron oxide nanoparticle doped with Mn2+/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite

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In this paper, Mn2+-doped iron oxide nanoparticles/reduced graphene oxide (Mn-IONs@RGO) nanocomposite are fabricated through an electrochemical synthesis procedure for the first time. The electrosynthesis procedure is based on the electrochemical growth of IONs onto the RGO plates electrophoretically deposited on the cathode electrode. X-ray diffraction pattern of the prepared nanocomposite revealed its magnetite crystal structure. For the prepared Mn-IONs@RGO nanocomposite, particle morphology of IONs, Mn2+ cations doping in their crystal structure and presence of reduced GO plates were confirmed through FE-SEM observations, EDS as well as FT-IR analyses. Mn-IONs showed spherical particles with 20-25 nm in size and elemental composition of 71.36 wt% iron, 7.71 wt% manganese and 20.93 wt% oxygen. It was also found that 59.15 wt% iron, 8.42 wt% manganese, 23.67 wt% oxygen and 8.76 wt% carbon are presents within the composition of the synthesized Mn-IONs@RGO sample. The presence of Mn and C in the composition Mn-IONs@RGO revealed doping of IONs with Mn2+ cations and formation of Mn-IONs particles onto RGO layers through electrochemical deposition route. The superparamagnetic nature of the fabricated nanocomposite was confirmed through M-H curve and magnetic data obtained by vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) analysis. The Mn-IONs@RGO nanocomposite showed magnetic properties of Ms=31.86 emu g–1, Mr=0.07 emu g–1 and Hci=2.29 G.


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