Removing of Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) Gas from N2 and HF Mixture with NaF Pellets

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1 Nuclear Reactors Fuel Company, P.O. Box 81465-1957 Isfahan, I.R. IRAN

2 Urima Cement Company, P.O. Box 57135-813 Urrmia, I.R. IRAN


This report describes adsorption of hydrogen fluoride gas in a tower containing sodium fluoride pellets by using gas mixture of hydrogen fluoride and nitrogen. At the initial time of the adsorption all of the entering hydrogen fluoride was adsorbed by the tower. Adsorption of hydrogen fluoride gas on pellets is reversible. The pellets in hot conditions were regenerated without sufficient physical deterioration. Maximum loading of adsorbent is 5.96% by weight of sodium fluoride pellets. Due to low rate of adsorption kinetic, breakthrough curve is wide.  


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