Synthesis and Study of Gd3+ and Lu3+ Doped CdO via Sol-Gel Method

Document Type : Research Article


Chemistry Department, Tabriz University, Tabriz, I.R. IRAN


In this study pure CdO and Gd 3+, Lu3+ doped CdO oxides were synthesized successfully via a sol-gel method at 900°C. The SEM images indicate that with doping and changing the amounts of Gd 3+ or Lu3+ the morphologies of the obtained materials changed and indicated that the CdO composed of nanoparticles structures with grain size of about 150-300 nm. The structural properties of the CdO were investigated by powder X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) technique. The XRD patterns show that with doping the Gd 3+ or Lu3+ ions in CdO, the obtained phase is isostructural with the pure CdO materials. Also, cadmium oxide particles cell parameters determined using celeref software version 3. Optical properties of synthesized doped samples were investigated using ultra violet absorption spectra.


Main Subjects

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