Design and fabrication of a TCH/Cu ring complex grafted to magnetic nanoparticles and its application as a new efficient and recyclable nanocatalyst in multi-component synthesis of 2-amino-4H-chromenes in aqueous medium

Document Type : Research Article


1 Faculty of Chemistry, Damghan University, Damghan, I.R. IRAN

2 Department of Chemistry, Payame Noor University, Tehran, I.R. IRAN


In this project, first the magnetic nanoparticles were coated with silicon dioxide particles by core-shell method and from reaction with 3-chloropropyl triethoxy silane and then with organic ligand thiocarbohydrazide (Fe3O4@SiO2-TCH) was functionalized. The Cu ions were then stabilized on magnetic silicate surface. The structure of the prepared nanoparticles as a magnetic organic-metal hybrid was investigated and confirmed using FT-IR, FESEM, EDX, XRD, TGA, VSM and BET instrumental methods. Next, its catalytic activity in the synthesis of a number of 4-aryl-2-amino chromenes was investigated by the three-component condensational reaction of aldehydes, malononitrile and dimedone. The advantages of this method include cheap, safe and reusability of nanocatalyst, easy separation of heterogeneous catalyst from the reaction medium, short reaction time, high efficiency, easy and fast separation of the product and use of non-toxic water solvent, which makes this method in simplicity, be in the scope of "green chemistry".


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