Volume & Issue: Volume 41, Issue 3 - Serial Number 105, September 2022, Pages 1-364 
Synthesis of Nickel/UIO-66 Catalyst for the ODH Process of Propane at Low-Temperatures

Pages 43-56

Ali Mataei Moghaddam; Mojtaba Saei moghaddam; pedram Nasehi; Reyhaneh Ezi

Effect of molybdenum promoter on adsorption of CO2 and CH4 gases in ZIF-8 nanocrystals

Pages 121-137

Erfan Asadi; Seyed Reza Hosseini; Somayeh Norouzbahari; Seyed Behrouz Sadatnia; Mohammad Rostamizadeh; Mohammad Reza Omidkhah Nasrin; Ali Ghadimi

Experimental study of ethylene molecular diffusion coefficient in NMP

Pages 181-193

Farzin Oushal; Shima Azizi; Seyed Mohsen Peyghambarzadeh; Zoha Azizi

High-pressure viscosities of fatty acid esters and biodiesels from a new thermodynamic model

Pages 205-220

Seyed Mostafa Hosseini; Mahsa Taghizadehfard; mohammad mehdi alavianmehr

Consequence modeling and evaluation of LPG spherical tanks Isfahan Oil Refinery

Pages 305-311

javad kamali; mohammadreza omidkhah; taha hossein hejazi