Outcome Modeling and Risk Assessment of Spherical LPG Tanks of Isfahan Oil Refinery

Document Type : Research Article


1 hse manager

2 Professor, Chemical Engineering Department Tarbiat Modarres University

3 industry department , imam sjjad university


Abstract: Process industries are often exposed to hazardous chemicals and operating units are subject to different temperatures and pressures. Depending on different operating and environmental conditions, Accident assessment and modeling in the field of process industry safety will be of great help in understanding and dealing with the accident. Of all the process equipment, tanks have the most potential risks due to the accumulation of large volumes of chemicals. The purpose of this study is to model and assess the risk of LPG pressure vessels in different scenarios such as explosion and ignition with different weather conditions. Therefore, appropriate control strategies and safety measures can be suggested with it. Three spherical LPG tanks related to Isfahan Oil Refinery were modeled, For comprehensive modeling of scenarios, reservoir rupture in different weather conditions was investigated And its intensity was obtained. Based on the available data from previous incidents and the availability of its recurrence rate, the degree of risk was estimated. Individual and collective risk curves of rupture of these reservoirs were placed in the warning area. Finally, suggestions were made to reduce this risk.


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