Performance Evaluation of Potassium Hydroxide-Glycerol hybrid Solvent in Carbon Dioxide Absorption

Document Type : Research Article


1 Kermanshah University of Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering, Imam Khomeini HWY., Kermanshah, Iran.

2 Kermanshah University of Technology


Recently, the acid gas reactive absorption process by solvent used in the acid refining processes, ‎comprehensively. In this experimental study, the carbon dioxide absorption process performed by ‎a hybrid solvent, glycerol - potassium hydroxide in a packed tower. The effect of various factors, ‎such as potassium hydroxide concentration (0.2-0.8 M), glycerol concentration (4-12 wt. %), and ‎gas flow (2.3 and 1.7 L/min) at 35 ° C, 10 vol.% CO2 concentrate and atmospheric pressure have ‎been investigated. CO2 absorption percentage and overall gas phase mass transfer coefficient has ‎been selected as response. The results show that increasing the concentration of glycerol and ‎potassium hydroxide in the mentioned operating conditions can decrease the outlet CO2 ‎concentration. Percentage of carbon dioxide absorption by this hybrid solvent at a flow rate of ‎‎1.7 L/min, 12 wt. % glycerol, and 0.8 M potassium hydroxide, was 94.28%. Also, the maximum ‎overall mass transfer coefficient based on the gas phase in the mentioned conditions, was ‎obtained 0.96 kmol/ m3.h.kpa at 0.8 M potassium hydroxide, 12 wt. % of glycerol, and the gas ‎flow 2.3 L/min.‎


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