Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity of quaternized nanocomposite of silver

Document Type : Research Article


MSc student of Inorganic Chemistry, chemistry department, faculty of science, university of Zanajan, Zanjan, Iran


Poly(1-vinylimidazole)-Ag, P(VI)-Ag, and quaternized poly(1-vinylimidazole)-ag, Q-p(VI)-Ag heterogeneous catalyst systems comprised of Ag nanoparticles embedded within p(VI) and quaternized p(VI) hydrogel matrices has been described for the selective aerobic oxidation of alcohols and reduction of nitro phenols. P(VI)-Ag and Q-p(VI)-Ag nanocomposite was characterized by Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), atomic absorption spectroscopy (AA). Catalytic activity of p(VI)-Ag and Q-p(VI)-Ag catalysts was investigated by emphasizing the effect of different parameters such as temperature, catalyst amount, substituent effect, etc. The catalyst was easily recovered from the reaction medium and it could be re-used for other three runs without significant loss of activity.


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