Experimental Study of Effective Interfacial Area in Countercurrent Rotating Packed Bed

Document Type : Research Article


Intensification Research Lab, Chemical Engineering Department, Yasouj University, Yasouj, I.R. IRAN


Since Rotating packed bed have high efficiency, in this study have been explaining the chemical reaction method in order to determine the effective interfacial area in a wide range of an operational parameter such as inlet absorbent solution concentration, adsorb mole fraction in the gas phase, gas-liquid flow rate and rotor speed. So far, 324 experimental data was used in order to offer the universal collection of operational parameter to achieved higher performance. As result, gas and liquid concentration in inlet flow rate can be an essential factor in prediction of the effective interfacial area, overall mass transfer coefficient and optimal dimension in RPB. So this factor as an effective parameter should be considered in modeling and experimental case study.


Main Subjects

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