Volume & Issue: Volume 36, Issue 4 - Serial Number 86, December 2017, Pages 1-259 
A Review of Different Ziegler-Natta Catalysts Generations and Their Components for the Polymerization of Propylene

Pages 1-57

Roya Zahedi; Faramarz Afshar Taremi; Mehdi Nekoomanesh Haghighi; Roghayeh Jamjah

Preparation of Chitosan/Iron Oxide Nanocomposite: Morphology and Study of Adsorption Characteristics for Removal of Azo-Dye from Contaminated Waters

Pages 105-115

Mina Keshvardoost Chokami; Farzaneh Eslami; Abbasali Zamani; Abdolhosein Parizanganeh; Farideh Piri

Influence of Alumina Addition on Performance of CuO-ZnO-CeO2 Nanocatalyst Used in Steam Reforming of Methanol

Pages 125-136

Shahab Minaei; Mohammad Haghighi; Hossein Ajamein; Mozaffar Abdollahifar

Ag-Nanowire Diffusion into the Carbon Nanotube: an Efficient Method for Anti-Cancer Drug Release

Pages 189-199

Hamed Akbarzadeh; Esmat Mehrjouei; Mohsen Abbaspour; Sirous Mohsen; Salemi