Nanofibrous Membrane Containing Modified Graphene oxide and Investigation of its Performance

Document Type : Research Article


Nanotechnology Research Institute, Urmia University, Urmia, Iran


In this study, nanofiber nanocomposite membranes were made of polyphenylene sulfone (PPSU) by the electrospinning method. Graphene oxide and polyacrylamide-modified graphene oxide were used as additives in nanofiber membranes. To modify graphene oxide (GO), acrylamide monomer was polymerized on the surface of graphene oxide using the Living free-radical polymerization method. Graphene oxide and synthesized membranes were identified and examined by various analyses and it was found that the addition of modified graphene oxide to the membrane improves properties such as hydrophilicity and pure water flux. The performance of membranes was studied by examining the rejection of salts, dyes and heavy metals and the results showed that nanocomposite membranes can effectively remove these species. Also, a comparison of graphene oxide and modified graphene oxide membranes showed that modification of graphene oxide with polyacrylamide is quite effective in improving the performance of membranes.


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