Bio-crude production through hydrothermal liquefaction of nannochloropsis microalgae via activated carbon-based catalysts

Document Type : Research Article


School of Chemistry, College of Science, University of Tehran, Tehran, IRAN


In this present study, in order to achieve the high feedstock conversion and maximum yield of bio-crude, the operational parameters of Nannochloropsis sp. microalgae hydrothermal liquefaction process such as temperature(270-310-350ºC), residence time (20-40-60 min) and feedstock ratio percentage (5-10-15 wt%) have been appropriately evaluated .Thereafter, three different activated carbon based catalysts (Co/AC, Zn/AC, Co-Zn/AC) have been manufactured. Catalytic experiments have been carried out on the obtained optimum condition of the HTL process. It has been proved by CHNS and GC-MS results that existence of all three different catalysts has a positive effect on quality and quantity of derived bio-crude, however, because of synergetic effect of Cobalt and Zinc in the bimetallic catalyst, hydrocarbon percentage which is the most favorable portion of achieved bio-crude was increased dramatically. Not only that, but higher mass content of microalgae devoted to bio-crude production (40.12 wt.%) alongside with lower gas and hydrochar percentage.


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