Volume & Issue: Volume 38, Issue 2 - Serial Number 92, July 2019, Pages 1-329 
Metal-Free Graphene Quantum Dots Catalyzed Reduction of Aromatic Nitro Compounds in the Presence of LED Light

Pages 51-59

Mohammad Gholinejad; Mohammad Seyedhamzeh; Mohsen Kompany‐Zareh; Foad Kazemi

Synthesis of New Polyamine Ligands Using Vinamidinium Salts

Pages 77-85

Abdoimohammad Mehranpour; Leila Gudarzi

The Change of Energy of Atoms at the FOX-7 Isomerization

Pages 145-152

Farrokh Roya Nikmaram; Jamshid Najafpour; Behzad Shaikh

Experimental Investigation of Thermal Marangoni Effect on Bypassed Oil Recovery

Pages 283-291

Mohammad Masoudi; Maryam Khosravi; Behzad Rostami; Pejman Abolhosseini

Design, Synthesize and Biological Evaluation of Novel Urea Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase Inhibitors

Pages 321-329

Elham Rezaei; Mahdi Hedayati; Laleh Hoghooghi Rad; Sayyed Abbas Tabatabai